About the XQ9 from panzerfish.com

The Panzerfish XQ9 from panzerfish.com is the latest in tackle for put-and-take lake trout as well as coastal and fjord sea trout. An effective bait that is also gentle on the environment. This is because it is a in-line lure produced from hard and compact glass. Even the environmentally friendly packaging has been thought about, without plastic, metal and other environmentally harmful materials.

The XQ9 in-line lure is at the light end of the scale for put-and-take in-line lures. Due to the glass material, the XQ9 weighs only 7 grams, but is heavy enough to provide a solid throw. 

The size of the in-line lure can often help to lure the larger and sometimes more aggressive trout species to chop.

In winter, when the sea trout can be somewhat sluggish in some places, the XQ9 can be fished ultra slowly and often catch the sea trout. 

In the summer, the XQ9 is an excellent alternative to the foam beetles during the evening and during night fishing for sea trout, both in the stream, the fjord and on the coastal sites.   

The XQ9 can be fished both with UL tackle, as well as lighter rod, reel and line classes or for example, with bombard floats and longer rods. 

The XQ9 has a lively walk in the water, even during very slow spinning, which helps to give you solid fishing experiences.


Have fun with your new eco-friendly in-line lure :)

Team panzerfish.com