Join Team Panzerfish.com today and become an environmentally conscious distributor of our unique and patented products. 


Become a distributor of our environmentally friendly and patented end gear and become part of Team Panzerfish - a team of fishermen with love for nature and for future generations who should also be allowed to fish in our waters.


We always pick up after us when we are out fishing.

We leave areas cleaner and never worse.

We act with consideration for nature and the environment.


We offer back up with point of sales material, videos, insight into the development of new products, follow-up on sales, training for staff and help in the form of fishing courses that interested parties can get a hands on experience and learn directly from our experts.

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Made by fishermen - for fishermen. No Metal, No Plastic. Keep our seas plasticfree.


Break a leg!


Team Panzerfish